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Why should I choose Jax Title over a traditional title company or attorney?
Jax Title, LLC is a traditional title company, but we are using the latest training and technology. This enables us to provide better service, better pricing, and more flexibility than most companies. Buying or selling a house is still a deeply personal process, and our highly trained and empathetic staff is still better than dealing with a robot, although a lot of processes have been automated.

What’s the next step?
If you have a contract between the buyer and seller, you can email or fax it to us. If you don’t have a written contract yet, call us and we can help you get one! Once we know the terms of the transaction, we will perform an exhaustive title search and reach out to you for additional information or to schedule the closing.

Is there anything I should watch for?
There have been a lot of “wire fraud” schemes lately. Do not wire your money to anyone without first verifying the wire instructions over the phone. We will NEVER change wiring instructions after starting a transaction with you. We love email, but we also would love for you to pick up the phone and call us!

What are typical closing costs when selling a house?
Although most aspects of a real estate transaction are negotiable, there are a few closing costs the seller usually pays for. These include the Settlement fee, the Tile Search, Title Policy, and Doc Stamps. The buyer will often pay the recording fees, and any items required by a lender such as appraisal, survey, lenders title policy, inspection fees, and any other fees charged by the lender.

What are these fees for?
Doc Stamps are a Documentary Stamp Tax that is imposed by the State of Florida on certain documents relating to transfer of Real Property in Florida. The rate for Doc Stamps on Deeds is 70 cents for every $100 of consideration. Doc Stamps on Mortgages is 35 cents for every $100 obliged.
Title insurance protects your property rights and gives peace of mind. A Title insurance policy that protects the insured from loss or defect in the interest of the property.
A Title agent charges a Settlement fee that includes the coordinating of the transaction, preparing the closing docs, managing a secure escrow, and performing the final signing and notarizing.

Where can I learn more about buying or selling a house?
The industry association that advocates tile insurance has an excellent website set up at A lot of great information is there.

Where will the closing happen?
Since we are a digital operation, you have a choice where you close. You can close in our physical office, or we can send a notary to your home or office. Don’t worry if you’re out of the area, or out of state, our vetted notary network probably has someone near you.

Are both the buyers and sellers required to be at closing?
The buyers and sellers don’t necessarily need to be at the same place at the same time. That is what a secure escrow is for. Once all the parties have signed, and signatures have been reviewed and verified, and all moneys received, we will consummate the closing.

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